Photo Gallery: Amplitudes Summer School 2018

Amplitudes Summer School 2018 was held at the Center for Quantum Mathematics and Physics (QMAP), University of California, Davis on June 11-15, 2018. We had nearly 100 participants coming for a week of lectures on new developments in theoretical exploration of scattering amplitudes.

Before the start

Monday, 8:30am, the registration startsLecture room and camera setupFirst lecture starts


Lance Dixon introduces Yutin HuangYutin provides an introduction to scattering amplitudesBCFW recursion relations is a golden standard

All lectures are recorded and later posted on youtubeParticipants were engaged the whole weekBreaks provided a good opportunity to ask additional questions

Zvi Bern lectures on color-kinematics duality and double copyGraviton amplitudes are there squares of gluonic amplitudesThis was proven at the tree-level but it also works at loop level

Eric D'Hoker gave lectures on string amplitudeModular graph functions play important role in recent progressAlbert Schwarz asks questions after the lecture

Jacob Bourjaily lectured on Vernicular of S-matrixThis included discussion of mathematics of on-shell diagramsJake also gave the tutorial on Mathematica implementation

Claude Duhr gave lectures on integrals and symbolsHe discussed polylgarithms which arise in loop amplitudesHopf algebras appear in this context

Song He's lectures focused on scattering equationsCHY formula calculates tree-level amplitudes in variety of theoriesThe loop extension is an active area of research

Alex Postnikov talks about the positive GrassmannianAlex is an algebraic combinatorist who discovered this subject As it turns out it plays an important role in scattering amplitudes

Gong show starts: Cameron Langer talks about the AmplituhedronGongwang Yan speaks about the CHY and Associahedron Izzy Nicholson describes spinor helicity formalism in GR

Sebastian Mizera's talk on new formula for amplitudes in 6dHadleigh Frost spoke about biadjoint scalar amplitudesTalk by Mariana Gonzalez. There were 40 speakers in the gong show

Staff appreciation

Lunch was provided outside the lecture roomNice seating allowed prolonged lunch discussionsThe shade was very welcome in the hot California weather

Thanks to our great staff for the help with organization And making sure everything runs smoothlyFrom left: Cindy Choi, Matthew Silver, Joann Pyon and Tina Denena
(+ absent Sarah Driver, Malina Gillies-Doherty and Alla Savrasova)


Nima day

Last day we had series of lectures by Nima Arkani-Hamed9am: The topic of the first lecture is projective geometryThis concept plays an important role in the amplitudes program

Projective geometry should be thought in the elementary schoolBut there is never late to start to think projectivelyThe lecture takes 3 hours and covers all basic topics

1:30pm: Nima is giving a colloquium "Future of particle physics"Nima explains motivations to build 100 TeV colliderThe lecture is one hour, questions take another hour

Discussion continues after the colloquium4pm: Nima continues to lecture, now on AmplituhedronThis is a new geometric picture for amplitudes in N=4 SYM theory

The crucial ingredient is a logarithmic form7pm: After-dinner lecture starts Topic is a new formalism for massive amplitudes

This can be very useful for Standard model calculationsMost participants keep focused and engagedNot feeling tired after the week of intense lectures

It is getting dark outsideCoffee breaks and discussions move inside10pm: New lecture starts after the break

Nima explains the significance of the dual AmplituhedronWild speculations link it to new picture for string theoryThis is a very ambitious idea which attracts attention

Discussions continue during the coffee break12am: Nima starts next lecture, topic is "Cosmological polytopes"They describe cosmological correlation functions

And contain scattering amplitudesOnly a subset of participants made it to this pointincluding Akshay Yeleshpur .....

..... Minshan Zheng ....and Cameron Langer who is still recordingOne of the speakers Song He is also paying attention

3am: Nima finishes with Q&A on Naturalness3:10am: Final picture with participants who made it till the endNima needs to catch his taxi to the airport at 4am.

Group photo