Schedule of lectures (videos are linked)

All events will take place in the Mathematical Sciences Building, room 1147.

The first three days of lectures will comprise a hands-on review of CFT and chiral algebra topics, with a few in-depth examples and special topics thrown in.

The final two days will focus on a selection of modern research topics.

9:00-10:30(C) Intro to CFT & VOA(C) BRST, DS reduction(P) adding SUSY(T) gluing W-algebras I(T) gluing W-algebras II
11:00-12:30(T) current algebra(P) free field realizations(T) module categories(C) associated varieties
(C) class S
1:30-3:00(P) minimal models & WZW(T) coset constructions(C) bootstrap & W-algebras*(P) instantons and VOA(P) VOA[M4]
4:00-5:30problem sessionproblem sessionproblem session*problem session
5:30-6:30(D) factorization algebras(T) beta-gamma systems(P) twisted 2d (0,2) theory(N) moonshinefree evening

[(C) = Chris Beem, (T) = Thomas Creutzig, (P) = Pavel Putrov, (D) = Dylan Butson, (N) = Natalie Paquette]

*Chris Beem's website, for Wednesday's lecture and the problem session

In addition to the lecture schedule, we will have

- morning coffee/tea/snacks M-F from 10:30-11:00

- lunch served M-F (for registered participants) from 12:30-1:30

- afternoon coffee/tea/snacks starting at 4pm M-Th, during the problem sessions

- a Reception on Wednesday evening at 6:30pm.