Amplitudes 2018 Summer School

Scattering amplitudes are the arena where quantum field theory directly confronts experiment, and the precise predictions are crucial for the beyond Standard Model searches at particle colliders such as LHC. At the same time, scattering amplitudes have revealed beautiful and intriguing mathematical structures and patterns which suggest that our fundamental understanding of quantum field theory is far from complete. The study of scattering amplitudes has been a very active area of research over the past few years, with applications ranging from precision calculations for the LHC through new approaches to gauge theories and gravity and ending with exciting connections to pure mathematics.

The annual conference Amplitudes 2018 will be hosted by SLAC on June 18-22, 2018 and will bring together experts in this area discussing recent discoveries. The conference will be preceded by this present summer school, and it will offer a set of introductory lectures to some of the key topics to be discussed at the conference. The school will be held at the Center for Quantum Mathematics and Physics (QMAP) at the University of California, Davis on June 11-15, 2018.

Speakers: Nima Arkani-Hamed (IAS), Zvi Bern (UCLA), Jacob Bourjaily (NBI), Claude Duhr (Leuven), Eric D'Hoker (UCLA), Song He (Beijing), Yutin Huang (Taiwan), Alexander Postnikov (MIT)

Timetable: TBA, list of preliminary topics below

SpeakerPreliminary Topic
Nima Arkani-HamedGeometry of scattering amplitudes
Zvi BernColor-kinematics duality
Jacob BourjailyEfficient amplitudes in Mathematica
Eric d'HokerString amplitudes
Claude DuhrIntegrals and symbols
Song HeScattering equations
Yutin HuangIntroduction to scattering amplitudes
Alexander PostnikovPositive Grassmannian

Organizers: Lance Dixon (SLAC), Enrico Herrmann (SLAC), Jaroslav Trnka (chair, QMAP), Andrew Waldron (QMAP).

Venue: June 11-15, 2018, Mathematical Science Building, room 1147.

Local information: see the QMAP Visitors page. There is no on-campus housing available so participants are advised to arrange the housing (hotel or airbnb) in Davis, Woodland or Sacramento (which are easily accessible by bus).

Last school: The Higgs Centre (Edinburgh), July 3-7, 2017

Registration deadline: April 1st, 2018.

Student talks: Around 8 student participants will be selected to give a talk. They will be notified after the deadline, and they will also get partial travel support.

Poster: can be downloaded here.

Questions: Email Jaroslav Trnka at

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List of registrants

(As of March 12, 2018)



Adam Getchell

UC Davis

Ajjath A H

The Institute of Mathematical Sciences, Chennai

Alfredo Guevara

Perimeter Institute

Alvin Moon

UC Davis

Ana Lúcia Retore

University of Miami and Institute for theoretical Physics

Andreas Helset

Niels Bohr Institute

Andrzej Pokraka

McGill University


The Institute Of Mathematical Sciences,Chennai

Arindam Bhattacharjee

Indian Institute of Science Education and Research

Arnab Priya Saha

Institute of Mathematical Sciences

Arpan Kundu

Institute of Mathematical Sciences

Ashish Kakkar

University of Kentucky

Ben Maybee

University of Edinburgh

Bryan Obed Larios López

Benemerita Universidad Autonoma de Puebla

Callum Jones

University of Michigan

Calum Milloy

University of Edinburgh

Chi Zhang

Institute of Theoretical Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences

Chinonso Onah

Seoul National University

Christian Broennum-Hansen

University of Edinburgh

Christian Yeke Okaso

Center for Applied Sciences and Technologies Research

Ekta Ekta

Institute of Physics, JGU, Mainz

Fei Teng

Uppsala University

Gregor Kälin

Uppsala University

Gustav Mogull

Uppsala University

Hadleigh Frost

Oxford University

Hao-Lan Xu

State University of New York, Stony Brook

Haoyu Sun

University of California, Berkeley

Hiren Patel

UMass Amherst

Isobel Nicholson

University of Edinburgh

Jared Claypoole


Joseph Farrow

Durham University

Julio Parra-Martinez


Jung-Wook Kim

Seoul National University

Karapet Mkrtchyan

Albert Einstein Institute



Mahendraprasad Mali

Indian Institute of Technology Bombay, Mumbai.

Mariana Carrillo Gonzalez

University of Pennsylvania

Marios Hadjiantonis

University of Michigan

Matheus Loss Lize


Moein Mirza Amraji

King’s College London

Muhammad Shehper

University of Texas at Austin

Nicholas Early

University of Minnesota

Nikos Dokmetzoglou

University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Patrick Tam



Pranjal Nayak

University of Kentucky

Renjan Rajan John

University of Torino, Italy

Riccardo Gonzo

Trinity College Dublin

Roy P. Gulla


Sebastian Mizera

Perimeter Institute

Sergio Hörtner

Universidad Autonoma de Madrid & Instituto de Fisica Teorica

Shruti Paranjape

University of Michigan, Ann Arbor

Sourav Raha

University of Florida

Souvik Dutta

University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign

Stefan Nekovar

University of Oxford

Sudip Ghosh

International Centre for Theoretical Sciences (ICTS-TIFR)

Sushruth Muralidharan

University at Buffalo

Tal Sheaffer

McGill University

Taushif Ahmed

Johannes Guttenberg University of Mainz

Usman Naseer

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Vasil Dimitrov

University of Manchester; UC Santa Barbara

Vasily Sotnikov

Freiburg University

Vsevolod Chestnov


Wadim Wormsbecher

Humboldt University Berlin

Yong Zhang

Institute of Theoretical Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences

Yuchen Du

University of Virginia

Yuqi Li

Stony Brook University

Zhen Pan

UC Davis

Zhewei Yin

Northwestern University