Center for Quantum Mathematics and Physics (QMAP)

QMAP is a new initiative at UC Davis, aimed at fostering a vibrant research environment for addressing foundational questions in modern theoretical and mathematical physics.

At the forefront of fundamental research, the Center hosts an active visitor program, a number of Postdoctoral fellowships, a seminar series, conferences, and public lectures. As such, it is envisioned to be a useful resource for researchers and students, as well as the larger community.
The Center was established in 2015 in conjunction with the hire of five new faculty members under the Faculty Hiring Investment Program (HIP).


Research at QMAP is broadly carried out under four main headings:

Some of the questions we seek to answer are

  • What is the origin of space and time? In particular, how does spacetime emerge from a more fundamental description?
  • How did our universe start and what is its fate?
  • What manifestations of the quantum nature of our world are apparent and important at macroscopic scales?
  • What are the mathematical structures governing physical theories, and what novel surprises do they reveal?


The members of the QMAP pool a wide range of expertise, stemming from diverse academic backgrounds, with positions both in the Mathematics and the Physics Departments. The core group of QMAP initiative 2015 hires, which focuses on Fields, Strings, and Gravity consists of Tudor Dimofte in Mathematics Department, and Sergei Dubovsky, Veronika Hubeny, Mukund Rangamani, and Jaroslav Trnka in Physics Department.

Apart from this core group, QMAP also has a large number of associate members, both from the Mathematics and the Physics Departments, working on the related fields. See the Members page for the full list.

Visitor Information

The physical location for the QMAP is planned to be situated in a dedicated area of the Physics building on UC Davis campus. Its design will allow for maximal interaction between the QMAP members, visitors, postdocs and students, so as to provide effective research environment conducive to creativity and vibrant exchange of ideas.

Until the renovations are completed, refer to the departmental directory for contact information of QMAP members, and the departmental visitor resource page for further useful information.


Center for Quantum Mathematics and Physics
University of California, Davis
One Shields Avenue
Davis, CA 95616 USA