QMAP colloquium

The QMAP colloquium is our main regular event. The aim is to bring high profile speakers to address audiences of both physicists and mathematicians interested in the core topics of the QMAP center. The organizers are Tudor Dimofte and Jaroslav Trnka; contact them for any questions.

Future colloquia

October 24, 2017

Speaker: Maxim Kontsevich, IHES Paris

Title: Quaternionic D-branes

Time & Location: 10:30am (refreshment at 10:15am), Mathematical Science Building, room 1147.

The flyer for colloquium below or you can download it here.


Past colloquia

October 17, 2017

Speaker: Nima Arkani-Hamed, IAS Princeton

Title: Spacetime, Quantum Mechanics and Positive Geometry

Time & Location: 10:30am (refreshment at 10:15am, reception after colloquium), Mathematical Science Building, room 1147.

Abstract: Spacetime and Quantum Mechanics form the pillars of our understanding of modern physics, but there are several indications that these concepts are approximate and must emerge from deeper principles, undoubtedly involving new mathematics. In this talk I will describe some emerging ideas along these lines, and present a new formulation of some very basic physics-- fundamental to particle scattering and to cosmology--not following from quantum evolution in space-time, but associated with simple new mathematical structures in "positive geometry". In these examples we can concretely see how the usual rules of space-time and quantum mechanics can arise, joined at the hip, from fundamentally geometric and combinatorial origins.

The flyer for colloquium below or you can download it here.