QMAP seminars


All seminars are in QMAP 3024. In the winter and spring quarters 2022, most of them are remote, see the weekly emails for the links.

Current seminars: fall 2022

QMAP FSG seminars
  • September 22, 1:30pm in-person, Nathan Benjamin, Caltech
  • September 29, 1:30pm zoom, Jonathan Sorce, MIT/Stanford
  • October 6, 10:00am zoom, Gregor Kälin, DESY
  • October 13, 5:00pm zoom, Yuji Tachikawa, IPMU
  • October 20, Sanjit Shashi, UT Austin
  • October 27, Giussepe Di Giulio, Würzburg
  • November 3, Alba Grassi, CERN
  • November 10, 1:30pm in-person, Tom Rudelius, UC Berkeley
  • November 17, 1:30pm in-person, Shreya Vardhan, Stanford
  • November 24, Thanksgiving week 
  • December 1, 10:30am zoom, Agnese Bissi, Uppsala
QMAP particles/cosmology seminars
  • September 26, 1:30pm, Josh Foster, MIT, Searching for New Physics from the Sky with Current and Future Gamma Ray Telescopes
  • October 3, 1:30pm, Markus Luty, UC Davis
  • October 10, 1:30pm, Keisuke Harigaya, Chicago, Parity symmetry breaking scale and Standard Model parameters
  • October 31, 1:30pm, Andrew Gomes, Cornell
  • November 7, 1:30pm, Weishuang Linda Xu, LBNL
  • November 14, 1:30pm, Soubhik Kumar, UC Berkeley
  • November 21, 1:30pm, Simon Knapen, LBNL, Dark Matter scattering in low threshold detectors
  • December 5, 1:30pm, Neil Christensen, Illinois State University, Challenges with Internal Photons in Constructive QED
QMAP math seminars
  • no upcoming seminars at the moment


Past seminars: winter/spring 2022

QMAP FSG seminars
  • January 13, 1:30pm, Juan Maldacena, IAS, On the black hole/string transition
  • January 20, 1:30pm, Finn Larsen, Michigan/Stanford, Effective Field Theory of Quantum Black Holes
  • January 27, 1:30pm, Alfredo Guevara, Harvard, Black Holes, Scattering Amplitudes and Twistors
  • February 3, 10:30am, Edward Witten, IAS, No Ensemble Averaging Below The Black Hole Threshold
  • February 10, 1:30pm, Petr Kravchuk, IAS, The leading Regge trajectory in Wilson-Fisher theory
  • February 17, 1:30pm, Yiming Chen, Princeton, Spectral form factor for free large N gauge theory and strings
  • February 24, 1:30pm, Edgar Shaghoulian, University of Pennsylvania, The central dogma and entanglement in de Sitter space
  • March 3, 10:30am, Tim Adamo, Edinburgh, Eikonal amplitudes from curved backgrounds
  • March 10, 10:30am, Donal O'Connell, Edinburgh, Classical Observables and Scattering Amplitudes
  • March 15, 1:30pm, Sunil Mukhi, IISER Pune, Poincare Series, 3d Gravity and Averages of Rational CFT
  • March 17, 1:30pm, Hong Liu, MIT
  • March 31, 1:30pm: Sabrina Pasterski, Princeton
  • April 7, 1:30pm: John Cardy, UC Berkeley (in person)
  • April 14, 1:30pm: Eric Perlmutter, Saclay
  • April 21, 1:30pm: Tom Faulkner, Illinois
  • April 28, 1:30pm: Nathan Seiberg, IAS
  • May 5, 1:30pm: Savdeep Sethi, Chicago
  • May 12, 1:30pm: Jan de Boer, Amsterdam
  • May 19, 1:30pm, Per Kraus, UCLA
  • June 2, 1:30pm, Gautam Satischandran, Chicago 
QMAP particles/cosmology seminars
  • January, 10, 1:30pm, Kaloian Lozanov, UIUC, Topics in inflationary cosmology: reheating, gauge fields and gravitational waves
  • January 24, 1:30pm, Lorenzo Sorbo, University of Massachusets, Reviving chaotic inflation with fermion production: a supergravity model
  • January 31, 1:30pm, Tanmay Vachaspati, Arizona State University
  • February 7, 1:30pm, Surjeet Rajendran, John Hopkins, A Causal Framework for Non-Linear Quantum Mechanics
  • February 14, 1:30pm, Alberto Nicolis, Columbia University, An Analog of the Cosmological Constant Problem: Vacuum Energy in Framids
  • March 7, 1:30pm: Xiaochuan LuEffective Field Theories: Truncation, Validity, and Uncertainty
  • March 14, 1:30pm: Isabel Garcia, UCSB
  • March 28, 1:30pm: Christopher Carone, William & Mary, Asymptotic Nonlocality
  • April 11, 1:30pm: Ennio Salvioni
  • April 25, 1:30pm: Da Liu, UC Davis, Gauge Invariance From On-Shell Massive Amplitude and Tree Unitarity
  • May 2, 1:30pm: Zhen Liu, The Hunt for Gluonic ALPs
  • May 9, 1:30pm: David Curtin, Toronto, Complex Dark Matter Dynamics
  • May 16, 1:30pm, Gustavo Marques Tavares, Maryland, Precision early universe cosmology from gravitational waves
  • May 23, 1:30pm: Raymond Co, Minnesota, Gravitational Wave Probes of Axion Rotations Responsible for Dark Matter and Baryon Asymmetry
  • June 6, 1:30pm: Nemanja Kaloper, UC Davis, A Quantum-Mechanical Mechanism for Reducing the Cosmological Constant
QMAP math seminars
  • January 5, 1:10pm, Sourav Chatterjee, Stanford University, Some progress on 3D Yang-Mills
  • January 14, 11:00am, Andreas Cap, Vienna, Tractors and AH-mass
  • January 28, 3:00pm, Benjamin McMillan, University of Adelaide, Calabi operators for locally symmetric spaces 
  • February 11, 11:00am, Roberto Bonnezi, Humboldt University Berlin, The quantum O(D,D) string and its anomalies
  • February 18, 11:00am, Jie Qing, UC Santa Cruz, Asymptotically hyperbolic Einstein manifolds and conformal geometry
  • February 25, 11:00am, Marciej Zworski, UC Berkeley, Magic angles for a model of twisted bilayer graphene
  • March 4, 11:00am, Jacob Shapiro, Princeton University
  • March 25, 11:00am, Simone Warzel, Technical University Munich
  • April 1, 12:10pm, Thomas Weber, Bologna, Star products induced by Drinfeld twists
  • May 13, 12:10pm, Jacob Shapiro, Princeton University, Monotonicity theorems for integer-valued fields and delocalization in two-dimensions
  • May 20, 12:10pm, Amir Sagiv, Columbia University, Floquent Hamiltonians - effective gap and resonant decays
  • May 27, 12:10pm, Victor Py, UC Davis