Travel and Practicalities


If you are flying to Sacramento (SMF), there are two reasonable options to get to Davis. The easiest (but more expensive, around $50-$60 cash) is to get an ordinary taxi from the airport to your final destination. The alternative is to download the Uber or Lyft phone apps before leaving your home (while you have good internet access), input your credit card info into the apps, and then use them at SMF airport to request a ride to your final destination (around $20-$30).

If you are flying to San Francisco (SFO) and landing in the morning or afternoon, you can take BART (the San Francisco/Bay Area subway) from the airport to Richmond station (you must change trains at 19th St/Oakland), and then an Amtrak train (schedules here) to Davis. The BART costs about $12 and the Amtrak about $25. NOTE that the BART journey takes about one hour, and the last Amtrak train leaves at 10:33pm. This is NOT a good option if you are arriving in the evening. A more expensive alternative, available anytime, is to take Uber or Lyft from the airport to Davis (usually about $200), or to reserve a Davis Airporter shuttle (about $85) at least 24 hours in advance.

There are ATM machines at both San Francisco and Sacramento airports, which can be used to get cash in USD.

Around Davis:

Many participants are staying at the Best Western University Lodge (123 B St, Davis, CA 95616). This hotel is centrally located in downtown Davis, and an easy walk to the university as well as to nearby dining and shopping.

Breakfast will be provided at the hotel (for those who stay there). Lunch and snacks throughout the day will be provided for registered participants only at the conference venue. For dinner on most days you will be on your own, and we suggest trying one of the many small restaurants in downtown Davis. The Yelp phone app is very good for finding restaurants. Note that most restaurants in Davis close around 9pm.

The Davis Coop is an excellent supermarket a short walk from town (but be careful of prices there).

For coffee early in the morning, you can go to Mishka's or Temple Coffee.

There is a nice walking/running trail south of campus, in the UC Davis Arboretum (along Putah Creek).

The campus gym (the ARC) is open to visitors for a fee.

The closed pharmacies to the hotel/campus are at the Davis health center and Rite Aid at the corner of Russell and Anderson.

More info on Davis can be found at the excellent Davis wiki.

To get around Davis, we mostly recommend walking. It will probably be dry and sunny in April. If walking is not an option, or you would like an alternative, it is very easy to take Uber or Lyft rides around Davis.