Scientific Program

Conference Schedule

Time   Mon Dec 12 Tue Dec 13 Wed Dec 14 Thu Dec 15 Fri Dec 16
    Chair: Andy Albrecht Chair: Steve Carlip Chair: Yasunori Nomura Chair: Tudor Dimofte Chair: Michael Gutperle
09:00-09:45     Eva Silverstein   David Morrison  
09:45-10:30   Registration Gary Horowitz Zvi Bern Anton Kapustin Herman Verlinde
    Coffee Coffee Coffee Coffee Coffee
11:00-11:45   Lenny Susskind Kevin Costello Tadashi Takayanagi Raphael Bousso Matthias Staudacher
11:45-12:30   Rob Myers

Nikolai Reshetikhin

Patrick Hayden

Lance Dixon

David Gross

    Lunch Lunch Lunch Lunch Lunch
    Chair: Markus Luty Chair: Barak Kol Chair: Jaroslav Trnka Chair: Sergei Dubovsky  
14:00-14:45   Shamit Kachru Hirosi Ooguri Sergei Gukov Sean Hartnoll  
14:45-15:30   David Tong Chris Herzog Mina Aganagic Jacob Bourjaily  
    Coffee Coffee Coffee Coffee  
16:00-16:45   Pedro Vieira Xi Yin Student Gong Show Mark Van Raamsdonk  
16:45-17:30   Marcus Spradlin Nima Arkani-Hamed Student Gong Show Simon Caron-Huot  
    Conference Reception
  Conference Banquet

Speakers and talk titles

Speaker Affiliation Title
Mina Aganagic UC Berkeley One application of little string theory
Nima Arkani-Hamed Institute for Advanced Study S-Matrix theory and the challenge of UV Completion
Zvi Bern UC Los Angeles Surprising Simplicity at 5 loops in N=8 Supergravity
Jacob Bourjaily Neils Bohr Institute Stratifying On-Shell Cluster Varieties
Raphael Bousso UC Berkeley Universal Limit on Communication
Simon Caron-Huot McGill University CFT bootstrap and AdS locality
Kevin Costello Perimeter Institute A new look at two-dimensional integrable field theories
Lance Dixon SLAC Planar N=4 Amplitudes at High Loop Orders
David Gross KITP, UCSB TBA
Sergei Gukov Caltech Duality and the categorification program
Sean Hartnoll Stanford University Fundamental bounds in transport: theory and experiment
Patrick Hayden Stanford University Bulk reconstruction in AdS/CFT from a noncommutative Bayes’ rule
Chris Herzog SUNY StonyBrook Boundary Terms in the Modular Hamiltonian
Gary Horowitz UC Santa Barbara Applications of light-cone cuts in holography
Shamit Kachru Stanford University Mirror symmetry and bosonization in 2+1 dimensions
Anton Kapustin Caltech Bosonization in two and three dimensions and spin structures
David Morrison UC Santa Barbara Recent progress on G2 compactifications
Rob Myers Perimeter Institute Comments on Holographic Complexity
Hirosi Ooguri Caltech Fun with K3
Nicolai Reshetikhin UC Berkeley Scaling and limit shapes in 2D statistical mechanics
Eva Silverstein Stanford University Three recounts
Marcus Spradlin Brown University Landau Singularities and the Amplituhedron
Matthias Staudacher Humboldt-University Berlin Yangian Invariants, Unitary Matrix Models, and Scattering Amplitudes
Leonard Susskind Stanford University Complexity and Geometry
Tadashi Takayanagi

YITP, Kyoto

From Path Integrals to Tensor Networks for AdS/CFT
David Tong

University of Cambridge

Particle-Vortex Duality from 3d Bosonization
Mark Van Raamsdonk Univ of British Columbia Nonlinear Gravity from Entanglement
Herman Verlinde Princeton University Moving the CFT into the Bulk
Pedro Vieira Perimeter Institute S-matrix and Conformal bootstrap
Xi Yin Harvard University Spectral function and universality of 2D CFTs


Gong show schedule

Wednesday, December 14, 16:00-17:30. Each talk 5 minutes + questions.

Speaker Affiliation Title
Enrico Herrmann Caltech Scattering in N=4 super Yang-Mills and N=8 supergravity
Natalie Paquette Stanford New 1/4-BPS Counting Functions
Chia-Hsien Shen Caltech Symmetry and Action for Flavor-Kinematics Duality
John Murray UC Davis From Homological Mirror Symmetry to Classical Mirror Symmetry
Andrew McLeod Stanford Bootstrapping Amplitudes Using Only General Constraints
Kevin Ye Caltech Argyres-Douglas theories and the Verlinde formula on wild Hitchin moduli space
Julio Parra Martinez UCLA Super-Gauss Bonnet and Evanescent Effects in Half-Maximal Supergravity
Nathan Benjamin Stanford Emergent spacetime through indices
Petr Kravchuk Caltech Conformal bootstrap of stress-energy tensors