PCGM Lodging and Restaurants

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All of the lodging and restaurant locations listed below can be found on the custom PCGM 2022 Google Map below, which also includes the location of Roessler Hall, parking, and other transit information.

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By clicking the icon next to "PCGM 2022 Map" at the top-left, you can filter the map by category (restaurants, hotels, etc.). You can also open this map in a new window at this link.


The closest hotel to the conference is the Hyatt Place UC Davis, which is located on campus about a 12-minute walk away from Roessler Hall. If you are booking a room at the Hyatt, you can use our UC Davis booking link here or enter our group code 01836 when making your reservation.

Other hotels in downtown Davis include:

  1. Aggie Inn, 245 1st St. 14-minute walk from Roessler. A block of hotel rooms will be held for PCGM participants who make reservations before February 25. You can make your reservation using our group booking link here for a reduced rate.
  2. Best Western University Lodge, 123 B St. 16-minute walk from Roessler.
  3. Hilton Garden Inn, 110 F St. 20-minute walk from Roessler. We have a block of rooms held until February 22nd. Please use the group booking link here.
  4. Best Western Plus Palm Court Hotel, 234 D St. 21-minute walk from Roessler. Rooms will be set aside for conference participants until February 25. Make reservations using our booking link here.
  5. University Park Inn and Suites, 1111 Richard Blvd. 21-minute walk from Roessler. You can book by calling 530-756-0910 or emailing info@universityparkinn.com; when making your reservation, ask for the group rate under "Pacific Coast Gravity Meeting". A block of rooms will be held until February 25.


Light refreshments, including coffee and sandwiches, will be provided at the conference. For lunch, attendees are welcome to either remain on campus and make a light lunch of sandwiches or visit one of the nearby restaurants in Davis. The conference schedule will conclude by the late afternoon each day, so attendees will be responsible for securing dinner on their own.

The following list of restaurants in Davis may be helpful. Those locations marked by an asterisk (*) are particularly close to campus.

  1. Chinese
    1. Hometown Taiwanese Kitchen & Bar, 330 G St
    2. Hunan Bar and Restaurant, 207 D St

    3. Davis Noodle City, 129 E St


    4. Lazi Cow, 407 G St


    5. Tasty Kitchen, 335 F St


  2. Thai

    1. Sophia's Thai Bar & Kitchen, 129 E St

    2. Thai Canteen, 117 E St

  3. Indian/South Asian

    1. Kathmandu Kitchen, 234 G St

    2. (*) Raja's Tandoor, 207 3rd St

    3. Yeti Restaurant, 234 E St

    4. My Burma, 500 1st St

  4. Vietnamese

    1. (*) Pho King 4 Restaurant, 226 3rd St

    2. Pho Tasty, 301 G St

    3. Red 88 Noodle Bar, 223 G St

  5. Japanese

    1. Mikuni, 500 1st St

    2. Yakatori Yuchan, 109 E St

    3. Zen Toro Japanese Bistro, 132 E St

  6. Mexican

    1. Tres Hermanas, 805 2nd St

    2. El Patio Fresh Mexican Grill, 200 E St

    3. Taqueria El Burrito, 223 F St

    4. Chipotle, 227 E St

    5. (*) Guads Tacos & Beer, 231 3rd St

  7. Hawaiian

    1. (*) Tim’s Hawaiian BBQ, 247 3rd St

    2. Zumapoke & Lush Ice, 730 3rd St

    3. Good Friends Hawaiian Poke, 400 G St

  8. Mediterranean

    1. (*) Sam’s Restaurant, 301 B St

    2. The Halal Guys, 500 1st St

    3. (*) Ali Baba, 220 3rd St

  9. American

    1. Burgers and Brew, 403 3rd St

    2. Cafe Bernardo, 234 D St

    3. (*) Cajun Feast, 206 3rd St

    4. Black Bear Diner, 255 2nd St

    5. Fish’s Wild Island Grill, 516 2nd St

    6. Crepeville, 330 3rd St

    7. (*) Pizza & Pints, 236 B St

    8. Blaze Pizza, 212 F St

    9. Woodstock’s Pizza, 219 G St

  10. Vegetarian/Vegan (exclusively)

    1. Burger Patch, 500 1st St

    2. Three Ladies Cafe, 130 G St

  11. Upscale Restaurants

    1. The Mustard Seed, 222 D St

    2. Seasons, 102 F St